Month: July 2003

Tom Leykis is a Slobbering Idiot

I came across a rather disturbing website for a radio jock named Tom Leykis. Apparently, he’s published the name of Kobe Bryant’s accuser. Not only has he published her name, something that media types respectfully avoid, but he’s also gone on to accuse her of gold-digging and being a “mountain trash slut.” Steve Duin of the Oregonian has written an intelligent response to Leykis’ slobbering idiocy.

Missing: Two Months of Summer 2003

I thought summer was supposed to be nice and relaxing; three months of boredom and eager anticipation for the first day of school mixed in with some healthy dread. However, nothing I think is close to reality. This summer seems to be flying by; not just going fast, but literally launching itself into some breakneck orbit. I realized this week that there’s less than a month until I move back to Scranton. There was so much that I wanted to accomplish before September and only a fraction has been finished, let alone started.

I wanted to thoroughly clean my room and car, both are started, but neither are finished. I wanted to really get some web sites up and running; two are up, but one has already been shut down because the clients decided not to continue their business. And then there was that whole “I’m going to write a novella or an all-out book while I’m on my leave of absence.” You’re reading the only thing that I’ve written. It hasn’t been a wasted summer, but I really could use a few more months.

On a fun note, I bought a flat-panel monitor and a nice scanner when I was at Sam’s Club on Thursday for much less than I imagined. The monitor, a 15-inch Samsung, was the display monitor and sold for $90. The scanner, a 48bit high-end HP with 35mm slide attachment and automatic photo-feeder was only $40 because it was also a display model. I could not believe the prices on the items, and the only difference between my bargains and full-price is that neither item came with the box. I think I can make due without a little cardboard.

Disgusting Pedestrians

Annie and I were sitting on her front porch last night around midnight when we saw something rather disgusting. A drunk individual was walking down the sidewalk across the street—we aren’t sure if it was male or female, it was that ambiguous—when said individual grabbed the upper part of its T-shirt and blew its nose in the T-shirt! I mean, my God, what is wrong with these people? A more disturbing question might be: is it too late? Has it already bred with other classy specimens?

Dinner and a Movie

I didn’t really do any work yesterday. After finishing with the comment code, I got ready to go out with Annie to celebrate a mini-anniversary: 38 Months! It was also a good rationalization for why I needed a little break from this horrid project in which I’ve wrapped myself. I’m in way too far to quit now, but the end of the tunnel seems to keep moving further away. Ouch, that’s a bit trite.

Anyway, Annie came over and we whipped up some Parmesan spinach noodles—compliments of the Lipton Corporation—and enjoyed a candlelit dinner in my dining room and then headed out to a movie. We usually go to the Bloomsburg Cinema Center, but I refuse to go there after what happened on Thursday night. Long story, but we were turned away five minutes after the movie started because we didn’t have exact change. I’ll explain more after we’ve written a letter of complaint. So anyway, we went to the Selinsgrove Cinema Center (probably owned by the same person as the Bloom one, sigh) which is nicer than Bloom’s anyway.

We wanted something entertaining and lighthearted so we went to see The Italian Job. It wasn’t much of a thinking movie, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Seth Green was surprisingly funny as a high-tech computer genius who insists that his roommate at MIT stole the Napster program from him. The film is basically Ocean’s Eleven with a smaller cast and a stylish stunt that involves blowing the road out from under an armored truck. I have a pet peeve with motorcycles chasing cars in movies: why doesn’t anyone ever slam on their breaks and give that organ-donor their comeuppance? Well The Italian Job made me happy if only for the fact that someone throws his door open and sends a motorcyclist airborne. I almost cheered aloud.

Speak Your Mind

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, but it’s not my fault. I’ve been so overwhelmed with work on a big web project that I really didn’t have the time to do anything fun. Well, I took a little break today and added a way for visitors to post comments on any blog entry. Just click on “link/comments” and then on “Add Comment.” It’s that simple. Just fill out the form and your comment is added instantly, just like any professional blogging site.