Missing: Two Months of Summer 2003

I thought summer was supposed to be nice and relaxing; three months of boredom and eager anticipation for the first day of school mixed in with some healthy dread. However, nothing I think is close to reality. This summer seems to be flying by; not just going fast, but literally launching itself into some breakneck orbit. I realized this week that there’s less than a month until I move back to Scranton. There was so much that I wanted to accomplish before September and only a fraction has been finished, let alone started.

I wanted to thoroughly clean my room and car, both are started, but neither are finished. I wanted to really get some web sites up and running; two are up, but one has already been shut down because the clients decided not to continue their business. And then there was that whole “I’m going to write a novella or an all-out book while I’m on my leave of absence.” You’re reading the only thing that I’ve written. It hasn’t been a wasted summer, but I really could use a few more months.

On a fun note, I bought a flat-panel monitor and a nice scanner when I was at Sam’s Club on Thursday for much less than I imagined. The monitor, a 15-inch Samsung, was the display monitor and sold for $90. The scanner, a 48bit high-end HP with 35mm slide attachment and automatic photo-feeder was only $40 because it was also a display model. I could not believe the prices on the items, and the only difference between my bargains and full-price is that neither item came with the box. I think I can make due without a little cardboard.