Gradual Updates

I’m making gradual updates to this site because I probably won’t have the time to devote to major changes for a few weeks. I changed the way RSS/Atom feeds are handled by using Steve Smith’s FeedBurner Plugin along with my new FeedBurner account. It’s a sweet WordPress plugin that will redirect any and all of my feed traffic to my FeedBurner Smart Feed. You’ll get all of my posts, Flickr photos, and links in one feed.

I also added a Flickr badge to the sidebar of the main page. I have hundreds of photos that I’d like to scan and upload into larger galleries—which would probably choke my free Flickr account—and devote the Photos page to them. The Flickr badge will make it easier to see when I’ve uploaded new pictures.

When I have a chance, I’d like to completely scrap the default WordPress template in favor of a custom design. However, that might be a few weeks or months away; right now, it’s just a thought.