Expanding the Site

Not surprisingly, adding new content to this site is pretty low on my list of priorities. It’s fun, but it takes a backseat to things I need to do. However, in between all of my obligations, I managed to come up with a few little things to add.

The first thing, a photos section, is something that I’ve wanted to do for about two years. It’s just one of those things that I put off indefinitely. Even now, I’m so cheating by including my Flickr photos with their provided script. I prettied it up a little with CSS, but there’s not much I can show in the way of commitment. But, pictures! Finally.

The next thing I’ve done is to make a links page so that I don’t have a huge list on the main page. The “Worthwhile Clicks” will remain on the home page as will the links to my other projects, but everything else is moving to the hyperlinks page. In addition to this, I’ve also tweaked the default WordPress template a little bit to make the header smaller. Sometime this spring, I want to do a full design, but I don’t have the time at the moment.

And finally, I created a new Media section for my collections of books, music, and movies. It’s far from finished, but I think it’s a nice start. The only section available, Movies, lists all of the movies I’ve seen, and many that I’d like to see. It’s going to be in progress for a while until I can add the movies I’ve watched; I’m sure that I’ll be adding movies continuously while playing catchup. I’ll also want to include more features, such as DVD’s I own and a way to sort results.

Let me know what you think about the changes I’ve made and how I can make this site even better. Thanks!