Let’s Try This Again

I just want to state that this will mark a new direction for this site. I attempted to record every aspect of my day, week, or month in past efforts. The end result was that my weblog was a mixture of three-week recaps and short essays. It didn’t have any real personality or cohesion. I want to try something very different now.

Rather than bombard you with every boring detail of my life or hit you with stale news briefs, I want to distill my daily experiences, readings, and ideas into highly-focused snapshots. Ocasionally, I’m bound to wander off the intended course, but I will try my best to refocus myself quickly. Also, I want to bring back the links I used to post in the sidebar. These snippets will usually focus on some website or article that I found interesting enough to share. These will be more frequent than the longer entries. I think that’s enough to restart.