I Have an Excused Absence

I can’t believe that it has been almost a month since I last posted. Quite a bit has happened since then, which makes me regret not having much time to write down my thoughts and observations during that period. As you probably guessed from my last post, the Scranton Student has been taking up a large chunk of my time. Despite the usual tweaks, updates, and maintenance of the site, I’ve also taken on the duties of the Editor for a writing staff of eight, including myself. It’s been a little rocky trying to get the site on a regular schedule of updates/issues. However, the site has been performing well beyond my initial expectations; I am very happy with the site, and it seems that most everyone I’ve talked to have also been impressed with the design and content. I can only see it going better when it’s publicized in the Spring.

Some other events taking up my time these past few weeks include: Thanksgiving Break, a few substantial snow storms, Annie’s final Christmas Concert (she was awesome!), final projects, papers, exams, a wake and funeral for my great uncle in New Jersey, and the official end of my Junior year. I’m finally getting to sleep in and rest after two of the busiest weeks in my life. Now that I’m home, I can rest a little bit before I must go and find some web design work to do in January for which I’ll actually be compensated. I like web design in and of itself, but I also like to have available cash. You know how that is, I’m sure.