Goodbye Tables, Hello XHTML!

I completed a major site update today, but many people would not notice if I didn’t say anything about it. Besides adjusting the width of certain columns and modifying the header size slightly, I also scrapped the previous design’s table layout in favor of an XHTML-styled div and CSS layout. Certain aspects, such as the Archives monthly listings and the comment form are still table-based, but eventually they will also be switched to XHTML Strict.

I also enhanced my template system to allow extremely easy style changes once I build some new stylesheets (which will be fairly easy). I’m talking about changing one word in one file to change all images and colors globally. I was also thinking about making my PHP/MySQL blog system a public blogging system available for download like Moveable Type. While I will never have as many options as MT, I will offer a simplified solution that doesn’t rely on Perl. I may even be willing to host blog sites, similar to the TypePad method.