Add Sidebar, Count Comments, Stir, and Serve

I finally figured out exactly how to list the number of comments for each entry next to the permalink. I added that to the code for the main page of this site, as well as for each entry in the Archives. I also added a sidebar to the home page which I will use to list random links that I find interesting. You may find them to be a complete waste of time or thoroughly exhilarating; this will depend on your mood and the toxicity of your liver.

Speaking of alcohol, I went to a bar (Rocky’s) for the first time ever on Thursday in time for the devastating loss by the Red Sox to the Yankees. I drank two screwdrivers that were quite tasty. I also made my first trip to the liquor store on Friday and purchased a $4 bottle of Raspberry Cabernet fruit wine that I took to C. Ryan’s party later that night. Rachael and Pat walked into the store about two minutes after I arrived. Good times.