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A Chair of My Own

I’ve been without a decent desk chair for a few years. When I first moved to Baltimore, I took a cheap, uncomfortable, wooden chair with me because that’s all I had room for in the truck. I was going to be hired and paid a handsome salary in less than a month and would have […]

Christmas Shopping

Every year I tell myself that I’m doing all my shopping online since most stores are packed around the holidays. Each year I tell myself that I’ll do all my shopping a few months before the crowds hit the malls. Sometimes I swear off buying gifts all together. I’ve never planned to wait until a […]

Agenda: Digital Camera

My Kodak CX4230 has worked reasonably well in the nearly four years I’ve owned it, but my eyes wandered to smaller, more powerful models more times than I care to admit. There were significant limitations to my camera, but the picture quality was decent despite its 2.0 megapixels and slow processor. Learning the half-press shutter […]

Holiday Recap

Well, I’m back in Scranton after the whirlwind of holiday festivities that was my Christmas break. I meant to post several times to cover each little event, but time is rarely on my side. However, Annie and I managed—somehow, I’m still amazed by it—to do all of our Christmas shopping within 36 hours, much of […]

Wrapping Up 2003

I’m not going to go into any detail about what has happened since my last post. I actually finished all of my Christmas shopping on time; it was finished on Christmas Eve, just in time for the main event. Overall, Christmas was pleasant and quite relaxing. I received a good percentage of the items on […]

Missing: Two Months of Summer 2003

I thought summer was supposed to be nice and relaxing; three months of boredom and eager anticipation for the first day of school mixed in with some healthy dread. However, nothing I think is close to reality. This summer seems to be flying by; not just going fast, but literally launching itself into some breakneck […]