Year: 2010

Real Estate Tip: Condition, Location, Price, or Size

There’s a well-known principle in project planning that states a project can be done fast, good, or cheap, pick two. Basically, a project done quickly and correctly will not be cheap; a project done correctly and cheaply will not be done quickly; and a project done fast and cheap will not be good. I’ve worked on hundreds of projects in my ten years of working on websites and the “pick two” rule has never failed.

While looking to purchase a house in Baltimore, I’ve found a slight variation applies to real estate: condition, location, price, or size, pick three. Or put another way:

  • A house in good condition, in a good location, at a good price will also be very small.
  • A house in a good location, at a good price, and a good size will be in poor condition.
  • Houses in good condition, at a good price, and a good size will be found in bad neighborhoods.
  • And houses in good condition, in a good location, and a good size will be very expensive.

Perhaps it’s a bit obvious to experienced home buyers, but I found this outlook to be really helpful in grounding my expectations for our first home. Once you decide which of the four characteristics matter most to you, it really simplifies your house search.

Leaving the Sun

After almost four years working at the Baltimore Sun, I am moving on to new things. I will be starting on May 10 as a Web Developer at the Institute for Genome Sciences at the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore.

Four years. It seems like an unbelievably long time to me and yet it’s passed so quickly that I can’t reconcile the two thoughts. Over the years, I’ve learned a thing or twelve about design and programming. I think it’s a fare statement that if you can’t look back at most of what you were doing five years ago and laugh at how bad it was, you’re probably not progressing. Let’s just say that my design and code archives are good for a few chuckles. I wouldn’t know half of what I do today if it weren’t for all of the great people I worked with at the Sun; I’m definitely going to miss them, but I’m sure that they’ll continue creating one great design/project after another long after I’ve gone.

I’ve spent the past week reminiscing and unwinding, but now I’m really looking forward to working for IGS. The biotech field continues pushing the boundaries of the impossible and I’m excited to be a part of that.