Thoughts on 24

Last week, I spent an absurd amount of my evening hours catching up on 24 Season 5 in anticipation of the Season 6 premiere on Sunday (and Monday) night. I tend to make an episode of 24 a priority, but last year I was working second-shift and missed all but the first few weeks of shows so I stopped watching, waiting for the DVD release. In the meantime, I avoided any mention of Season 5 using my magic skills.


It was definitely worth the wait. Most shows take a few episodes to begin picking up momentum, but this is not one of them. In the first hour of the show, Jack Bauer had killed a terrorist while handcuffed to a chair: by taking a bite out of the man’s jugular! I guess 20 months of interrogation in a Chinese prison might do that to you, but who knows for sure?
What’s more, in the fourth hour, Jack killed Curtis seconds before a terrorist detonated a nuclear weapon a few miles away. It was quite literally a jaw-dropping surprise. Just when I think 24 might not have much more in the way of shock-value, they kill another major character and drop a nuke. I can’t wait for next week.