Month: November 2006

Less of a Blog

Somehow, this site has become less of a blog and more of a quarterly periodical—and a thin one at that. In order to make me feel better, I’m going to quickly run through a list of things I wanted to talk about here but didn’t. It’s not definitive or complete, but it hits the main points. I think paragraph-format will suffice, don’t you?

Annie and I went to Baltimore’s book fair and to Cape May, New Jersey two weeks later. My car reached 200,000 miles and is still going. Red Bull Flugtag at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor was one of the strangest and coolest things I’ve seen. Sadly, Annie’s grandfather—a B24 navigator in World War II and a great person—passed away at age 85.

I’ve been driving a lot more than I’d like. Taking Gough Street instead of Fleet Street or Eastern Avenue to my apartment cuts my evening commute by 15 minutes. My new digital camera works even better than I had hoped (full review coming soon). The Plot Against America is a great book; it reads like Steinbeck to me. I’m looking for a new apartment because our new landlords suck. I’ve been trying to revamp Scranton Student, Northumberland, and start a new Baltimore site but I can never find much time to devote to them. Finally, Netflix is wonderful and The Wire is the best TV show ever; it might be better than 24!

Maybe I’ll start writing more often, but not likely. I have been posting more photos to Flickr, so there’s some new content. Pathetic, isn’t it?