Turn the Page

A sunset along Interstate 83 North in Pennsylvania

I walked across the stage and received my diploma just over two weeks ago, but I haven’t fully absorbed the idea yet. The fact that I wrote my last paper, turned in my last assignment, attended my last class, took my last final—unless I summon the desire to earn my masters, that is—refuses to sink into my brain. For 18 years, school was my life; I was a Student.

The end was visible for a few years and I looked forward to my graduation. I know that I’ll miss seeing some of my professors and friends on a regular basis or the impromptu philosophical/political/religious discussions outside of CLP after class or rehearsal. The midnight Bond/Halo battles on weekdays or 5:00 AM trips to the convenience store during all-nighters were what kept me going sometimes. The walks up (and down) the Hill on Thursdays and Fridays and Saturdays and a hundred other fun memories make this spring a bittersweet time. I’m very happy that my college days are over, but I know that I’ll miss them in the end.

Sadly, Senior Week came and went in a (mostly sober) blur; I would give almost anything to have had a Senior Month after the stress of finals was in the past. Such is life, I suppose. I’m looking forward to the next chapter in my life, something I’ve been anticipating for over two years. Now that I’ve earned my degree, I’ve earned the right to apply my knowledge.

Within the next few weeks or months, I will be moving to Baltimore, MD to work as a web designer. My degree is in English Literature, but for the past five years I studied web programming and design in every spare moment. I’m excited to transform my time-constrained hobby into a full-fledged career. Wish me luck!