Another Design Thief

I must be getting popular: another person has stolen one of my designs. Mohammed Khan of Nashville, Tennessee stole the entire “Request a Proposal” form from my site and slapped it up on his site, Computer Technologies Inc., sans the style sheet. I’m surprised he’s not hotlinking the section heading images. Judging by the Whois listing, Mohammed Khan (1150 Vultee Blvd Apt #G106, Nashville, TN 27217) took less than two months to register his domain and steal my form. I think it annoys me even more that he didn’t bother to rewrite any of the drop-downs to fit his site. They’re all exactly the same as mine. By the way, nice work on the rest of the site, Mohammed! It’s so… colorful.

So how did I find out that Computer Technologies, Inc. of Nashville, TN stole my form design? Same way I did when stole the old design for I check my referral logs. The only reason I didn’t bash them online is that they were modifying the design in an area that wasn’t live. I emailed them about it and they took it down. However, Computer Technologies, Inc. links directly to the form page; it’s available for all to see. Secondly, SeeMonroe is not for profit, while Computer Technologies, Inc. stole my design for profit. Oh, and last I checked, “Porposal” isn’t the way to spell “Proposal,” as it is in the URL. It’s only correct on the page because it’s ripped from my site.