Google Goodness

Yesterday, I noticed that Gmail has upped the number of invitations for my account to 50. Looks like they’re getting closer to completing their beta period and interested in how their servers will hold up under increased demands. Would you like to help them? Send me an email if you would like one of my invitations; make sure you include the email address you’d like me to send it to in the body of your friendly letter. Tell me if you have a website or a little bit about yourself: I’m interested to see who’s reading this site. Yes, I suppose your Live Journal counts.

But that’s not all, kids! Today, I checked out Google Maps, which made my head explode. It’s Google’s answer to maps and an interesting alternative to Google Local, which came out a while ago but focuses more on websites related to a business than to maps. The new Maps is slick; it’s smoother than desktop map software. I think it also seems to be the death knell for MapQuest and other online map services which suck worse than Sour Skittles; I put up with their annoyances because there wasn’t a better alternative.

I added a few lines to the code to print out a link to map each business’ location via Google Maps. I think it will be useful to visitors to Northumberland County. I also did it because the maps are just so slick. Did I mention that they’re slick?