Time for a Break

It’s about time this past semester came to a close. It wasn’t as bad as last spring’s semester, lovingly referred to as “the semster that wouldn’t die,” but this one seemed busier than it should. I’m glad I didn’t involve myself in any Theatre stuff, because with 16 credits and workstudy, it seemed to take up most of my time. I think the biggest obstacle was the fact that I had an impossible number of pages to read for my classes; five classes, 24 books. Impossible.

I checked my grades online and I’m satisfied with the results. They aren’t as high as I had originally hoped they might be in September, but solid nonetheless. At the very last minute, I decided that I will be in Scranton for Intercession to direct a play; I will also be working at the CTLE a few hours a week. However, I don’t have any classes to take, so I hope to have a lot of time to work on web design work that I’ve been looking forward to completing.