A Sneaky PayPal Fraud

I read this interesting snippet on Boing Boing:

Until now, it’s been easy to spot a PayPal fraud site by the telltale URL. But here’s a PayPal fraud page that uses a Microsoft feature/bug (take your pick) to overwrite the scammer’s URL with a legitimate-looking URL. If you make the page small, you’ll be able to see the fraudster’s URL.

The scam page does a pretty good job of covering up the URL, but if you have the Google Toolbar, the script for the page breaks and it shows you the scam URL in the address bar and the faked PayPal URL in the Google search box on the Google Toolbar. Score another one for Google’s Toolbar.

I just noticed that the script that displays the fake PayPal URL also will show that URL on that section of the screen even if you have other windows opened over the web browser window.