Spring Break Recap

Now that I’m back in Scranton and feeling the warmth of spring—and by warmth, I mean four-degree wind chill this morning—I figured that I’d recapitulate on the unbelievable events that took place over spring break. In actuality, break was a rather subdued affair that mostly consisted of sleeping in, catching up on some reading, and semi-motivated web design work. I did get some antibiotics to take care of a little case of pharyngitis, learned from a podiatrist that I had a “high foot strain,” and finally went for a haircut.

Over the weekend, a trip to Baltimore to visit Annie happened in spite of the snow that we received on Thursday night. By the time I left on Friday, the roads were dry in most areas. On Saturday, we met Michael, Katie, and Chris and some of their friends at the Coliseum, which looked a bit crazy on their website, but turned out to be a nice restaurant with good food. Midget wrestling did not happen while we were there, much to my relief.