Month: February 2004

Today is Grey Tuesday

In support of the Grey Album, a great remix created by DJ Danger Mouse, this site will be displayed in shades of gray today. The album takes advantage of the a cappella version of Jay-Z’s Black Album by remixing it with the music from the Beatles’ White Album. Hence, the Grey Album. The record has been suppressed by EMI, which claims that it violates their copyrights to the Beatles’ music. I say it’s a creative breakthrough and a shame to hide such a great piece of work.

Read more about the Grey Album at Grey Tuesday and download the album for yourself from Illegal Art or from any site listed on Grey Tuesday.

8 Train and the Fallout Over What Fell Out

So yesterday was quite the busy Sunday for me. It started out with me oversleeping and rushing a bit to make it to the Studio Theatre in time for the Playwright’s Festival, which featured 8 Train, a play written by my good friend, C. Ryan. It was an excellent example of a one-act play, with a smooth transgression from the light and airy beginning to a somber middle and concluded with a melancholic finale that was powerful in an understated way.

And then there was the Super Bowl, featuring the Panthers, the Patriots, and Janet Jackson’s boob. By now, this old Internet is filled with pointless banter discussing every possible point of the whole deal. There are some interesting discussions that I’ve been keeping my eye on, but I don’t feel like writing anything elaborate about it. As they say, it’s all been done before.