Things that Should Be Mentioned

The past week and a half have witnessed a flurry of activity. I wanted to write something about each event, every day, but I just didn’t have the time. That seems to be a recurring issue in my life: I wanted to, but I ran out of time. Anyway, here’s a list of the past weeks’ events:

1/17 — I took Annie to Baltimore for her Saturday class and hung out in Barnes & Noble and Borders for six hours. I wrote about loitering in bookstores.

1/18 — Annie and I went to see Cold Mountain; it was an excellent movie with powerful messages and acting. It reaffirms my belief that war is dumb.

1/21 — We took a trip to Harrisburg today to see Jane Goodall’s Wild Chimpanzees at the Whitaker Center IMAX. It was interesting to see how her relationship with the chimps has evolved from outsider to accepted member of the chimps’ society.

1/23 — Annie and I almost went to Baltimore today so that we could move her stuff back to her dorm room, but her residence life department is just as inept as mine and claimed that she wasn’t allowed to move in two days early, despite the fact that she had class the next day and it’s a 300 mile round trip.

1/25 — I drove down to Baltimore so that Annie and I could practice riding the busses from her school to her internship downtown. The Maryland Transit Authority’s website is generally useless, but the new digital signs in the busses that announce the approaching intersections are a wonderful idea. I wrote about our bus adventure.

1/27 — I moved back to Scranton, with little planning beforehand. It actually entailed staying up all night so that I’d be ready to go in the morning.

So there’s the rundown. There were many opportunities for posts where I actually did something or saw something interesting, but it’s all lost in the recesses of my mind. What a waste of bandwidth!