Like Pizza, Revolutions is Better the Next Day

I had a nice and balmy (by Scranton standards) weekend in Baltimore. Friday night, Annie and I just ordered some Domino’s from an angry Domino’s woman. Their hand-tossed pizza with extra cheese has just about the exact same consistency as Pizza Hut’s Cheese-Lover’s Pan Pizza, but Pizza Hut still edges them out in taste. Anywho, Annie and I went to see The Matrix Revolutions; my second viewing and Annie’s first. I definitely like it better than I did the first time, but there’s still some rather important questions that the film does not answer. Also, I really appreciated the large number of people who felt inclined to talk back to the movie. Really folks, I’m happy for you. I wish I could have maintained the innocence that allows you to believe that celluloid can hear your suggestions and modify itself accordingly.