Revolutions and Visitation

These last few days have been action-packed for me. Wednesday night, a bunch of us hit up Cinemark to see The Matrix Revolutions. We even saw Neo at the theatre; well, we saw a few people who like to dress up and pretend they’re Neo. Our group was deeply divided over whether the third Matrix is the worst movie ever or just as good as the first two. I think I liked it, but I’m definitely going to need to see it again before I make any final judgement.

Thursday and Friday were also busy days for me with getting ready for class registration and cleaning up before Annie arrived in Scranton. Annie got here around noon yesterday which was later than I expected but for the best because it gave me some time to do some last minute dusting. I’m really bad at keeping things dust-free despite the fact that I’m allergic to dust mites. No really; I live under several inches of dust. It’s convenient for writing memos.

We went to the Mall at Steamtown last night and hung out there for a few hours. We also went outside to see the lunar eclipse but only stayed out for a few minutes because Scranton’s weather is incredibly bitter in the winter. This morning we also hiked to the cathedral for 8:30 AM Mass; the wind chill was about 15 degrees so I hope God appreciated our dedication. We were able to hit up brunch together which was a nice surprise. Although the weekend seemed to fly by, it was still great. Even better is the fact that I will be visiting her school next week for the Bachelor’s Ball and Auction. No, I’m not for sale or lease. Get over it.