It’s the Copy and Paste Entry!

I didn’t go out tonight, I don’t have any homework, and I’m not posting until next week so I thought I’d post another entry for your reading enjoyment. But there’s a problem: I’m feeling lazy and I don’t feel like writing the normal witty banter that you’ve grown to hate. Therefore, I’m stepping to a new low: the copy-and-paste entry!

I just love record executives, don’t you?

One RCA executive, who insisted on anonymity, cited Idol as proof that “Americans have no taste” and described Aiken as “Barry Manilow, but with less talent.” Sanders says he understands that some of his employees are “skeptical about the selection process and skeptical about selling a pop artist with no credibility.” But, he adds, “I’ve told everyone they need to look at it this way: Americans buy more vanilla ice cream than any other flavor. Yes, they like their Rocky Road and Cherry Garcia, but ultimately America wants to consume vanilla. So we’re going to sell the best vanilla. Given the problems we’re facing as an industry, we cannot afford to be judgmental.”
Building a Better Pop Star,” Time, Oct. 13, 2003

Here’s one of Mulhern’s random away messages:

My current biggest fear: a ninja clan of midget clowns comes after me after I’ve killed one of their brethren. They leave me no choice but to join forces with my hated enemies, the bums of Scranton, to defeat this clown ninja threat. The battle goes well until the bums reveal themselves to be clowns in disguise and they subdue me with shurikens and cotton candy. They take me in a little clown car to their base of operations and torture me with their midget ways, trying to get me to tell them the location of my cigarettes. I free myself with a batarang, but realize I am hopelessly outnumbered and have no choice but to commit seppuku. As I lay dying, I curse the midget clown bums and tell them one day a man will come and avenge my death and on that day, they will die in a pool of blood and white makeup… but they just laugh.

And finally, here’s one from Letterman:

Arnold Schwarzenegger said that while he is governor he won’t make any movies. I’m thinking that maybe we can get Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez to run for office.
The Late Show with David Letterman, Oct. 9, 2003