Will I Party Like It’s My Birthday?

There will be no scanning of cheat sheets for you today. I was going to scan the paper at work but I didn’t go to work this morning because I wasn’t feeling well. I felt a little bit better later in the morning so I went to all of my other classes; I also shouldn’t miss any more in case I need to later in the semester. I will probably bring my scanner up to Scranton after Fall Break, so if you’re lucky I’ll add some pictures to the Images section.

I also would like to mention that it is my 21st birthday today! You know what that means: wild drunken gambling in Atlantic City! Um… no, sorry to disappoint you. I may go out to the bar for a drink tonight—maybe—or I may just go to bed early and celebrate tomorrow. You see, I’m extremely tired again today. As in, I almost fell asleep at my desk this afternoon, which would have caused me to miss all of my afternoon classes. I’m also driving to Baltimore to visit Annie tomorrow and I’ve heard that it is inappropriate to fall asleep while driving a motor vehicle. Go figure. If you didn’t get a chance to buy me a round, send me an item from my wish list. Go ahead—feel free to splurge if you want!