TV Today

I watched George W. Bush make a statement today about the situations in Iraq and Afghanistan. He mentioned that he would need $87 billion to help in the rebuilding of Iraq and called for members of the international community to help the US in Iraq despite the fact that the US was adamant about bombing Iraq with or without international support. He also discussed reasons for invading Iraq including their disobedience of UN resolutions, the violent Saddam dictatorship, and Saddam’s weapons of mass disappearance. That’s funny: the only reason I remember for invading was the imminent threat of chemical or biological attacks. Also it seemed rather hypocritical to disobey the UN—which was opposed to the war—in order to attack a country because they were disobeying the United Nations. Hmmm.

On a lighter note, I was flipping through the channels and noticed Sammy Hagar on the Food Network. Yes, the Sammy Hagar from Van Halen. It didn’t make any sense until I remembered that Hagar has started his own label for tequila and other liquors. Sure, other celebrities have their own food product lines such as Paul Newman’s salad dressing. And he’s a specialist how? The transition from alcoholic rock musician to alcohol producer is much more logical. Finally, a food product endorsement that makes sense.