Two Weeks into a New Semester

The past two weeks have been really reassuring for me. I was a little nervous coming back to school after nine months, but I’ve been able to jump back into the swing of things without too much trouble. I was also a bit nervous about moving into a house with seven guys I didn’t know; living with a group of jerks wouldn’t make my transition back to school any easier. However, the guys in my house turned out to be a good group of people. I didn’t realize it when I was moving in, but I already knew Dan from our Mario Cart parties with Dennis last year. I also found out that I’m working with Frank at the CTLE, so that makes two people I know who happen to be living across the hall.

Meanwhile, my classes and work are looking much more promising than last year. Stage Combat, my E-Commerce class, and Swing, Latin, and Ballroom Dancing are probably going to be interesting and hopefully quite manageable. Introduction to Consumer Technology might be a little bit drier than I expected but not too bad. Theatre History is shaping up to be a little tougher than I expected, but I should be able to handle it without too much difficulty.

Annie and I are also back to our long-distance relationship status which is not cool. However, we’ve made it 3.25 years—as of tomorrow—so I think we can hang on a few more semesters without losing our minds. It tends to cause some stress when our only communication is on the phone or email, but it really eases tensions that we get to spend every other weekend together. In fact, last weekend we were home and went to see Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. It was undeniably a popcorn movie, but it was a fine flick nonetheless. I guess that’s just the way the semester will go: two weeks at a time.