Ice Cream and Orchids

Yesterday, Annie and I walked up to Our Lady’s Parish Festival for some ice cream and heard something very wrong when we arrived. Pumping out of the DJ’s speakers was Nelly’s Hot in Herre. As in, “It’s getting hot in here, So take off all your clothes…” Yeah, that seems appropriate for a parish block party.

Later, we rented Adaptation starring Nicholas Cage. I really liked it, in part because it was one of the strangest/most original movies I’ve ever seen and partly because its subject matter focused on the joys and pains of writing. I can’t help but identify with the character of Charlie as he justifies all of the reasons why he’s putting off actually writing something. The stream of consciousness voice-over is wonderfully used in the movie to detail the weird workings of Charlie’s mind as well as a running commentary on the bizarre nature of the screenplay itself.