Noah and His Floating Zoo

I actually like a little rain every now and then but the horrible weather is really starting to get to me. It’s rained almost every day for the past two months, which doesn’t make sense. If I lived in Seattle or the Amazon I would understand that they’re soggy places and you get a shower every day, like it or not. But Pennsylvania is supposed to be ungodly humid and mildly hot in late June, making it just as unbearable as the current weather. At least if we had normal summer weather, I could complain about the heat and hope for autumn.

Oh, yeah. It would help if the weather forecast actually forecast anything with a shred of accuracy. The weather forecast on the Weather Channel changes several times a day. If they’re going to be wrong 99% of the time, they may as well resort to reporting the current weather. “Right now it looks like it’s raining outside, but it may clear up. Or maybe, God will break His covenant with Noah and kill us all in a flood. Your guess is better than mine.”