It’s Payback Time

They can’t say that it’s unfair. For years, spammers have been hated by just about everyone who comes near a computer. With the exception of the spammers themselves, most people would be happy to watch the little devils devoured by vermin, or perhaps just beaten with keyboards by an angry group of server administrators. Too bad there’s nothing equally vicious that the average user can do to a spammer.

But now you can kill them with kindness. All spam wants you to visit a web site, so why not visit it a million times? That’s the premise behind FriedSPAM, a great web site I found listed on Idle Type. All you have to do is type in the spam site’s URL and FriedSPAM will visit that site as many times as you specify. “That’s what the spammers want, isn’t it? After all, why else would they stuff your mailbox with such tempting invitations?”