My Car is Feeling Old

However, it seems like the car is turning into a money pit this week. To start off the week, I didn’t get my vehicle registration in on time so I couldn’t get the car inspected. Then I noticed that a fog light was burned out. While I was waiting for my sticker, my car was just sitting in the rain that we have almost every day now. When I went to move it on Thursday, I noticed that there was some water sitting in a tiny puddle on the dashboard, which means that the windshield is still leaking a bit. The car also needs a new battery because the old one is just kicking around the grave at this point. Then, the garage where I took it to be inspected called to say that I need a new tie rod for the front end and a rear brake caliper. So a quick inspection that would have cost ten bucks will now be running close to two hundred. If anyone would like to own my piece of automobile history, I’m willing to trade for a late-model BMW or Nissan 350Z.