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Election 2004 and the Aftermath

I wish I had written something on Wednesday, when all of my emotions were raw and vitrolic. Unfortunately, I couldn’t really write anything besides angry rants and whiny raves as a result of the deep emotions I felt. However, several other people summed up this election better than I could in its immediate aftermath. William […]

The Incredibles

Annie and I saw The Incredibles on Saturday. It really was as good as I expected and my expectations were sky-high for Pixar’s latest wonder. One point that has been mentioned in other reviews is the sense that The Incredibles feels more like an action movie than an animated one; it’s true. With the brilliant […]

Not Speaking English Is Hard

The other day the woman who cleans my apartment mentioned to me how hard it was to not speak English fluently. In the past, I assumed—wrongly, in fact—that Spanish was her first language, judging by her accent. However, she mentioned to me that she was originally from Bosnia and that she spoke Russian and German […]

Chris Rock on the Republicans

“The Republicans have convinced people that there’s a greater risk of a plane hitting their place of work than you actually losing your job. You know, you say you’ll protect us, but we never really got hit until you got here. We weren’t in danger until we met you.” — Chris Rock in an Onion […]

A Draft Dream

Last night, I dreamt that I was drafted by the Army to fight in Iraq. As part of a new law passed by Congress, students were no longer able to avoid the draft while they were in college. Unsettling as it was, I reported for basic training and received a rifle, a uniform, backpack, and […]